Founded in 1995, Pimsoft is a private company headquartered in Turin, Italy with satellite offices in Milan, Rome and Houston, Texas.

Pimsoft’s Sigmafine solution is an enterprise-wide software platform that improves and sustains data quality for process and manufacturing industries. The company employs more than 70 professionals, engineers and IT specialists.

What we do

Because process and manufacturing operations produce an ever-increasing amount of data, poor data quality affects critical decision-making and, ultimately, an organization’s bottom line.

At Pimsoft, we are in the business of generating value for our customers by ensuring consistent accuracy and usability of process and manufacturing data. Our customers can fully trust their data for action.

What we deliver

Pimsoft brings innovative solutions and engineering skills to industries where real-time operational intelligence and mission critical systems are key factors for companies committed to delivery successful services and products.

Pimsoft delivers Sigmafine®, the state-of-the-art solution for data validation and reconciliation systems improving the consistency, quality, traceability of production data. Moreover, additional market-oriented modules have been developed by Pimsoft through a long-time worldwide experience on operating projects, thus further leveraging the capabilities and functionalities of the product.


Pimsoft SRL is founded. Pimsoft continues to develop its PIMS and Sigmafine practices and becomes the leading integrator of the technology in the OSIsoft partner ecosystem.

Pimsoft’s expertise in Refinery data reconciliation receives worldwide recognition at the OSIsoft annual user’s conference. This project features Sigmafine version 4 based on PI-AF as a model repository.

Pimsoft acquires Sigmafine from OSIsoft and opens an office in Houston, Texas, to support the growing Sigmafine business in the Americas region. Pimsoft achieves its first release of Sigmafine – version Pimsoft also releases its first Sigmafine enhancement by introducing direct SQL Access service for Sigmafine to streamline report building and direct access to case data.

> Under the ownership of Pimsoft, Sigmafine has evolved from a server-based layered application to an enterprise-class system for managing data quality in both the process and manufacturing industries.

Focusing on integration and usability of information, the expansion of Sigmafine applications ensures connectivity of manufacturing data to users, systems and business processes.

Monitoring and managing material movements is an important dimension of running a Sigmafine system. Pimsoft launches a new product, IMM (Intelligent Movement Management), to integrate these operational activities seamlessly with Sigmafine.

ADA, an Advanced Diagnostic tool for Sigmafine, is introduced to simplify and accelerate the data reconciliation process.

Integration Framework (IF) for Sigmafine is introduced in order to broker data exchanges between Sigmafine and source or destination systems across the enterprise.

Pimsoft and Sigmafine celebrate 20+ years in business and helping the industry drive more value by ensuring the accuracy, credibility and usability of process data. Pimsoft is now a team of 60+ professionals.

Where We are

With offices in Turin, Milan, Rome and Houston, we maintain a highly skilled and experienced staff to respond quickly to customer requests providing a wide range of solutions, services and consulting.

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