Our experience and expertise  in Engineering and cutting edge  Technology allows us to support our clients in their projects with a high added technological value and focus on the goal.


As part of industrial technologies and processes, Pimsoft offers operational support for the development of complex systems (Hardware, Firmware and Software), working alongside its clients in the following areas:

  • Requirements– Analysis and definition of different type of requirements: Architectural, Behavioral, Functional, Non-functional, Design, Derived and so on.
  • Design– analysis of subsystems, interface management.
  • DevelopmentHardware, Firmware, Software code design and development
  • Testing: Testing Strategies and targeted use development
  • System– hazard/safety analysis, performance, verification & validation, commissioning.
  • Configuration– CCB, audits, supplier management, quality assurance.
  • Integration: system integration and testing integration


Pimsoft SPA closely follows technical progress and the development of new technologies. Hacker attacks have escalated in recent years, becoming increasingly dangerous, cunning and harmful.

These criminal actions result in considerable costs with a sizable financial impact on the companies who have suffered attacks. Pimsoft offers vast technological know-how and experience in a number of sectors focusing on the main issues related to cyber security. Here are a few examples:


Penetration testing sevices to detect vulnerabilities on complex networks. Basic steps to test the system: scanning, categorizing vulnerabilities based on severity, automating vulnerability detection, generating detailed vulnerability reports and logs.Implementing several different strategies: blind testing, double blind testing, white box testing, black box testing, targeted testing, external testing, internal testing.

Code Analysis

Source code analysis to detect vulnerability issues within applications.

Use of automatic tools and specific target tools for custom solutions.

Performing actions to mitigate the risks associated with the theft of confidential data.

Embedded Safety Critical

A safety-critical system is a system where human safety is dependent upon the correct operation of the system. Designing any kind of system to be truly safe is a challenging task that Pimsoft SPA carries on with a focused effort and extensive expertise. The sector’s specific issues are approached combining a rigorous application of industry standards and a variety of engineering skills.

Pimsoft operates in:

Modelling & Simulation


Real-time computer simulations of the main Air-to-Ground and Air-to-Air radar modes of modern airborne pulse-Doppler radars.
Implementation of physical/mathematical models of both radar devices and the external environment.
Parametric sensor modelling for trade-off analysis
Radar system simulation is composed by the following primary units:

  • Antenna (Beam model, scan pattern, gimbal model)
  • Gimbals/Servo
  • Transmitter
  • Receiver (Gain, Noise, STC, AGC, CFAR)
  • Programmable Signal Processor (PSP)
  • Radar Data Processor (RDP)

An environment simulation consists of:

  • Weather
  • Landmass
  • Targets
  • Noise


Real-time computer simulation of sensorized camera, including Out of the Window, Infrared and Hyper-spectral View.

Sensorized camera real-time computer simulations, including Out of the Window, Infrared and Hyper-spectral View.
Simulations include:

  • dynamics modelling and blind views
  • overlays
  • material object characterization to reflect real thermodynamic behavior
  • physical parameters tuning to obtain different sensor models, including different wavelengths
  • weather conditions

Sensor simulation solutions are based on proven Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) toolkits:
Presagis Ondulus Radar/IR DevKit.

Sensors Simulation Integration

Sensor simulation solutions are developed as standalone processes or integrated in distributed simulation architecture using TCP / UDP – DIS/HLA protocols or implementing a custom Interface Control Document (ICD).
Sensor simulation solutions are used for different systems:

  • flight simulators
  • virtual cockpit trainers
  • cockpit procedure trainers
  • embedded simulators
  • integrated training systems