UBQ is a new division of Pimsoft focused on tearing down the barriers between man and data.

“Ubiquitous Multimedia Computing” it is a prominent and fast growing research area. “Ubiquitous Multimedia Services” allows people to access rich multimedia content anytime, anywhere, using different networks, computing devices, interaction and visualization systems.

The new scenario suggested by ubiquitous multimedia computing poses new challenges across many areas of computer science: wireless and mobile networks, multimedia processing, multimedia systems and applications, operating systems, middleware, and user devices.

UBQ special research fields are:

  • Computer Vision: development of software algorithms that implement “view and learn” capabilities for general purposes computational devices.
  • Human Data Interfaces: design of natural interfaces based on tactile and gesture recognition.
  • Visualization: delivery of multimedia contents on any surface, material or environment.

UBQ is a team built of professionals with more than ten years of experience in designing and developing technology for multimedia productions: cinema, advertising, telco, video game, broadcasters.

We design and set up interactive multimedia installations for many purposes:

  • Virtual Training Systems
  • Augmented Reality Systems for complex systems maintenance
  • Operative Centre Automation
  • Image Analysis Systems for Research and Rescue
  • Motion Analysis for Predictive Systems
  • Machine Learning
  • Virtual Prototyping
  • Remote Analysis Systems
  • Remote Vision Systems
  • Multimedia and Video Game for Education
  • Emotional installation for Fairs, Museum and Convention
  • Mechatronics and Hybrid Hardware/Software simulation platforms


Demo Room

Architettura per la gestione di una sala di presentazione di contenuti multimediali

L’applicazione permette ad un operatore singolo di gestire tramite GUI i seguenti aspetti :

  • Accensione e spegnimento remoto (Power Control)
  •  Visualizzazione contenuti in preview (Multiviewer)
  • Gestione sorgenti video/audio da visualizzare (Routing Manager)
  •  Gestione delle tracce multiple e delle inquadrature (Timeline )
  • Registrazione tracce video (Recording system)
  • Versioning progetti


Realizzazione interfacce grafiche custom

Framework / librerie utilizzati:

  • MFC classes
  • Qt library
  • GTK+ library


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