Currently the Aerospace and Defence sector definitely require high level technology prioritising innovation, and the ability to constantly keep up to date. The intrinsically reserved nature of the activities carried out in this field bring us to operate in protected environments and use appropriate working methods and rigourous safety standards throughout the different stages of every project.
Safety is definitely paramount, demanding special focus to minimize the loss of equipment and human resources. This objective must be pursued with the appropriate technical advance due to the nature of the field itself.

Pimsoft S.p.A. collaborates with the leading companies on the market to design, build, integrate and test simulation software and applications to be implemented on avionic systems and land-based support systems.

Logic and A.I. simulation

Human behaviour simulation to manage “Unmanned” aircraft to gather data and assign operational tasks.

Designing software applications simulating human behaviour to manage “unmanned” aircraft gathering data and assigning operational tasks.

Mission Planning & Briefing

Applications to plan Ground Support Systems for aircraftmissions

Designing applications forMission Planning & Briefing to plan and analyze land missions for Ground Support Systems dedicated to Eurofighters. Primary function implementation such as detection and engagement risk assessment within predefined geographical areas and/or along predetermined routes (Threat Analisys), modelling and graphic simulation of attack maneuvers, delivery (bombing) and resulting escape maneuvers (Target Area Planning), definition of the interfaces necessary to transfer data from and for the aircraft through DTD to allow operational management with standard external devices to prepare Single Mission Data (SMD) and Multi Mission Data as well as their transfer via PDS and/or GLU.

Control Systems

N.E.S.C.A.C application for controlling EFA aircraft weaponry
Designing software to manage and control NESCAC weaponry planned for EFA aircraft, behind activities to further expand Eurofighter capabilities already initiated within the Future Capability Plan program.

CORE OFP application for navigating and managing operative flights (M346) 
Designing navigation and mission software(Operative Flight Program – OFP) installed on the Mission Computer Symbol Generator on board advanced training aircraft M-346 (Aermacchi-Leonardo)