Infotainment Systems

The development of technology over the past ten years has radically changed our everyday life. The possibility of being constantly online has also found a place in the automotive industry through modern infotainment systems

The perceived importance of advanced IVI systems as part of the value of a new vehicle has been growing very quickly in the automotive industry. Pimsoft has operated in this sector promoting proprietary solutions for rendering engines on embedded systems, custom HMIs for infotainment systems and portable device integration solutions.

Our main activities may be summarized as follows:


  • Management of satellite images
  • Georeferenced modeling
  • Info layers (advanced label, billboarding images, way points path, ..)
  • Development and integration of 3D Digital Elevation Models
  • Advanced HMI Design
  • Custom drivers for arm processors and QT platforms
  • Porting projects from VxWorks to Linux of complex HMIs for Infotainment Systems