Data validation for Chemicals

Applying Sigmafine in Chemicals

Petrochemical industry produces most of the commodities required by large market sectors such as agriculture, packaging, construction, automotive, etc. Production is currently growing driven by global GDP and population growth. Although an overall positive outlook, several factors (political changes, oil price fluctuations, changes in feedstocks availability, environmental laws) require more careful decisions both in planning and in operations. Availability is not enough for data driven decisions: consistency and accuracy are imperative requirements to achieve better sensitivity and judgment: data quality matters!

Sigmafine, the state-of-the-art data validation and reconciliation software, puts in relation raw process data, material transactions and business data in one model constrained by first principles equations, to get a refined set of consistent and more accurate information to support your decisional process. Sigmafine is currently used in major petrochemicals sites to drive the daily business of integrated refinery and petrochemicals, LNG, olefins and polyolefins, methanol and derivatives.

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