Real-time computer simulation of the principal Air-to-Ground and Air-to-Air radar modes of modern airborne pulse-Doppler radars.
Implementation of physical/mathematical models of both the radar devices and the external environment.
Parametric modelling of sensor for trade-off analysis
The simulation of a radar system is composed by following primary units:

  • Antenna (Beam model, scan pattern, gimbal model)
  • Gimbals/Servo
  • Transmitter
  • Receiver (Gain, Noise, STC, AGC, CFAR)
  • Programmable Signal Processor (PSP)
  • Radar Data Processor (RDP)

An environment simulation consists of :

  • Weather
  • Landmass
  • Targets
  • Noise


Real-time computer simulation of sensorized camera, including Out of the Window, Infrared and Hyper-spectral View.
Simulations includes:

  • dynamics modelling and blind views
  • overlays
  • material object characterization to reflect real thermodynamics behaviour
  • physics parameters tuning to obtain different sensors models, including different wavelength
  • weather conditions

Sensors simulation solutions are based on proven Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) toolkit:
Camber Radar Toolkit (ATTENZIONE PERCHE’ E’ SW ITAR !!! )
Presagis Ondulus Radar/IR DevKit


Sensors simulation solutions are developed as standalone processes or integrated in distributed simulation architecture using TCP / UDP – DIS/HLA protocols or implementing a custom Interface Control Document (ICD).
Sensors simulation solution are used for different system:

  • flight simulators,
  • virtual cockpit trainer
  • cockpit procedure trainer
  • embedded simulator
  • integrated training system