Significant experience in railway signalling project: design, test and validation

Signalling Systems


  • Basic Design,
  • Automatic Train Protection and Control (SCMT/ERTMS),
  • Interlocking,
  • ACC/ACCM Logical Configuration


Pimsoft SPA is specialized in basic and detailed planning of signalling systems for trains and subways.

The operative team is dedicated to Design and Test Signalling Systems, Conditions Tables of SST-SCMT/ERTMS distributed on the main Italian network nodes: Roma, Ancona, Firenze, Milano, Torino, Trieste.


  • Design of Specific Applications according to railway regulations and train network safety measures
  • General knowledge of signalling principles and methods
  • Knowledge of specific project flows
  • Knowledge of design procedures and tools
  • Knowledge of European regulations for the development and certification of railway products and systems
  • General knowledge of product and system functionality
  • Design of lines equipped with ERTMS both in Italy and abroad, from the Schematic Plans to telegram generation and testing.
  • Design support for test development scenarios
  • Our designers support PE/PM in defining signalling requirements and carry out work packages defined in engineering processes
  • Design and planning are carried out following the QC process, respecting the environment and safety issues, also using the client’s proprietary tools to configure interlocking devices when necessary.

SIL4 Systems Development

A railway network consists of a complex integration model of a number of heterogeneous subsystems interacting with one another and whose purpose is to allow the train to safely proceed in accordance with CENELEC regulations.

Pimsoft supports its clients in developing such systems by providing cross-sector skills and 20 years of experience in implementing regulations and solutions for safety-critical systems.

Main activities in the field:

  • Requirement drafting for the architecture of SIL4 Systems
  • Design and development of hardware, Firmware, software for SIL4 systems
  • MISRA C compliant
  • Architectures 1oo2, 2oo2 and so on
  • Documents and reports compliant with SIL4 certification
  • Diagnostic and Monitoring systems