A model driven approach to maximize the usability of operational data in the water industry

Applying Sigmafine in Water & Utilities

Water is an essential life sustaining resource everywhere in the world. Water systems are critical infrastructures that are capital intensive and challenging to operate.

The operational challenges of water utilities vary by regions, but they always include sustaining water quality, producing and delivering water according to the demand and improving water conservation and reuse, energy consumption and all the factors impacting costs and reliability.

The industry challenges have been and continue to be: do more with less, extend the life of aging infrastructures and improve public safety and water system reliability in the face of growing demographic pressure, extreme weather events and growing water stress worldwide.

To continue meeting both operational and business challenges, the best weapon of the industry is to change the role of data and information in water utility operations and management to accomplish the following fundamental goals:


  • Understand what is going on in operations through analytics;
  • Develop this insight into an predictive capability;
  • Automate actions which can be reliably predicted.


The result will be smarter operations, smarter plants and smarter systems which can take on the industry challenges head on.

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